MB Technology Holdings, LLC (MBTH) is a technology holding and service company established in 2010. Its mission is to pursue suitable acquisitions for its portfolio by identifying companies requiring assistance in their next phases of growth, both organically and via add-on acquisitions. MBTH strives to add immediate and measurable value to such firms by using proven methods that include everything from cash flow optimization techniques, realignment of cost structures, development of capital and liquidity strategies, and transitioning from a private to a public entity.

MBTH leverages the considerable domestic and international experience that its executive team has amassed in creating the suitable financial structures (IPO’s, follow-on offerings, private placements, other financial know-how) as well as the organizational frameworks (executive strategy and leadership, key C-level and technical staffing, supply chain development, etc.) that are critical yet often beyond the means and experience of private companies.

MBTH is able to offer the advantage of a global vision and perspective due to its international base of directors, close colleagues, investments and financial dealings. This gives MBTH a presence in, and access to, major centers including London, Stockholm, San Francisco, Zurich, San Jose and Reykjavik.

MBTH Philosophy

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